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On the prowl for some poof


It is actually illegal for a backpacker to refuse anything offered to said backpacker for free, when said item is one which the backpacker would normally have paid for, given a budget greater than one which covers only essential daily sustenance (read carbohydrates) and inhabitable accommodation. 

So take the free drinks we did.

This is about the night you have all been waiting for, or not. My meeting (and avoiding) with the Jersey Shore cast. So as I was reliving my bladder for the third, or fourth time that evening, I was harassed and pulled by my traveling friends towards the middle of the bar. My lack of balance at this point of the night made me happy I had not chosen heels as this was an aggressive assault. In my drunken stupor, I took a few moments to realize what I was staring at. When I had given up all hopes for this moment, it happened, just like falling in love. There she was. Snooki herself. And Deena. Life was full again. And Florence, you have made a believer in me. Thankfully Julie had lived up to her promise from earlier in the night "Julie, under no circumstances are you allowed to let me dance, sing, befriend, or jump on any cast member from the Jersey Shore. I have a real person job with real responsibilities, and I would prefer not to get fired before I even begin!" With her tiny body somehow blocking mine from the cameras, I did as I normally do in these situations; whip up my best 'English is my second language' accent and proceed to ask a lazy sound man what they were filming and if it was German (like me!) so I could watch at home. He barely looked up from his crackberry and replied "it's an American show". I was so pleased with this because I realized I had not hallucinated seeing Snooks and Deena make their way from the bar to the dance floor. I was only questioning the situation in the first place because the camera crew filming these midgets actually hid their teeny bodies well.

I decided to take the time to then say my farewells to the new friends Fabio and Marco and proceed to make a non filmed exit. My timing was impeccable because as my wildest dreams would come true yet again I saw two more lights in the distance and saw the tallest, stiffest, Pauly D hair, followed by a gaggle of English speaking grenades. The other camera was following SPOILER ALERT a NEW cast member. Maybe it was just his girl of the night but it seemed very suspicious to me, so all you J Shore fans, be on the lookout for a new addition to the team. 

The walk home up the 400 stairs was putting a damper on my high, but just in time to secure my elation through the climb, I saw in the window of a store a shirt that read "Go back to Fucking Jersey!" Thank god the Italian people realize that breed of imbecile is not simply 'American' but those of 'Jersey'. Now I can continue to watch and love the show every Thursday night without thinking that all my hard work of befriending Italians on the behalf of saving face for the uphill battle of the European perspective of Americans had not been wasted! 

I was in Florence for 5 days so clearly a lot more happened. But all I'll tell you is I had the best hot chocolate ever, amazing view from the hostel, and great weather. The rest you will have to find out about Firenze for yourself!  


Posted by lschaller 04:57

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