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The Fountain

The true tales of adventures in Alicante

Julie and I were meeting an Austrian friend, Manu, in Alicante. He and his 20 Austrians crew. And what an exciting bunch of people they were. From what I gathered, without much of a formal count, there were approximately 8 couples, Manu, and 3 other male single ready to mingles. For being a couple fest, we still had a pretty good time. And Alicante was no different than the rest of Spain I had seen in terms of the late party crowd. The clubs we frequented did not open until 3am, meaning we had to get thru the hours of 10pm-3am in the small city without losing anyone from our 22 person group. We were never successful in that endeavor. I think Julie, Manu, the single boys and I only made it out with a few of the couples each night. Their loss! 

Most days and nights were similar, simple and fun. Beach, long meals, lots of tapas, and lots of partying, especially dancing. That was until there was one night. (Yes, you Austrians, you have waited so patiently for this post and here it is...) 

I will try to keep all facts consistent to the original story but since I don't know the extent of my viewers it will be censored. Only those of you who really were able to experience such a night will know the truth. 

Julie and I were not staying at the creep infested hostel that the Austrians practically booked solid. So as per our daily routine, we had gone home, showered off the salt water and sand, changed, took pictures of the creepy man who stood outside our hotel window for 6 hours every day, polished off the rest of our bottle of kettle one, and some tinto de verano and set off to meet up with the gang around 12am. 

Austrians might be worse than the Italians I know, in that, when you get more than 4 together, the process of decision making is completely thrown out the window. It takes about 30 minutes to move the group 30 meters. So as we started at the Casino, in the next 2 hours we had really only made it across the street to the large fountain at the end of the esplanade. At this time of the evening, 2am, people were really going hard, the pubs and bars were packed and streets were filled as people anticipated that 3am opening of clubs. (I should say 'club' here, since I, as per usual, made friends with the bouncers at one particular club so we could stroll up any night and skip the 300 person line-finally being a "rich" tourist paying off! I say rich because I promised the bouncers that the "too many guys" in our group were rich Austrians wanting to blow money- half true?)

Back to the fountain. 

There we were, 2am, with many people gathered around. Not a clue how to transport the group the other 8 blocks to the club in the next hour. Seriously. Then one of the single Austrians, whom I will call Mr.Karate Kid, came over to me with a tissue shoved nicely up one side of his nose to stop the bleeding for the third time that night. He was flirting, or what I think was his attempt at flirting (a burp in the face, a quick removal of said tissue, and an explanation that he is a karate genius). At this point I'm clearly swooning and asking him to do his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Being a brash drunken European, he clearly had one thing on his mind. He also made this very clear to me and everyone around me. At this point my not so sober, and devilish brain was kicking in. 

The fountain.

All I could think about was how can I make this silly Austrian make a fool of himself in a huge public space? What I was not prepared for was that he had not an ounce of pride left. 

I told Mr.KK something along the lines of "I dare you to go swim in that fountain in the next 30 seconds." His response was more of a dash. He ran straight to the fountain; shoes, belt, socks, shorts, and shirt thrown every which way. I was impressed at his determination, and embarrassed for him. We all, all hundreds of us, witnessed an enthusiastic splish splash from the nearly nude karate kid. I had to pay him for this, which taught me to never dare a drunken Austrian person to do something ever again. But really, it was worth it.

That set the night off, we made it right at 2:59 to the club, proceeded in first, and we all had an enjoyable night of dancing and fun until the wee hours of the morning. Memorable, or not so much for some of us. A great last night in Spain. 

Tired and prepared for a break in Nice was something I yearned for, but not something I received.... 

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